Magnolia Etiquette

Magnolia Etiquette
  • Standard website package with blog
  • Custom designed header, background and logo
  • CMS Platform with Admin Panel
  • HTML, PHP and CSS
  • Music files
  • Event registration and calendar
  • Site development
  • Visit the website.

When Jonnie Fox Flanagan was looking for a classic yet fresh look for her Magnolia School of Etiquette and Protocol business based in Southern California she contacted WunderWebs. After a few phone consultations and more than a few emails with the WebGoddess, she decided she wanted to go with a muted, refined garden look.

The client provided a header image from the artist Julia Swartz with some colors that she liked and the WebGoddess incorporated them for the website. Placing the magnolia illustration in the header, she overlaid the title text in a gorgeous Edwardian script of soft orchid. She then pulled the greens and some of the grey from the image for use as backgrounds and menu tabs and mirrored the magnolia element throughout the design.

Jonnie also decided to go ahead and have the WebGoddess create more of a community feel for the site and added a blog for her in WordPress. This coupled with a powerful Events Calendar, multiple plugins and custom widgets provided this classic, refined site the ability to operate as both a standard content website and interactive blog with high-end functionality.

If you’re seeking a someone to help guide you or your family through the finer points of etiquette, check out The Magnolia School or Etiquette and Protocol.

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