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When is the last time your posted anything on your site? A week, a month, 3 months? If you haven’t added new content to your site in awhile, then you are doing yourself a huge disservice. People search the internet for current information. They want information that is relevant to what they are doing right now. If your content is from 3 years ago, chances are that it is no longer current or meaningful to what is going on now. Make sure you are posting updated and current content to your site. It is okay to go back through your old content and update it too. As a matter of fact, please do! Your visitors will thank you for it and so will the search engines.

Avoiding stale content keeps Google happy.

In the past Google has always rewarded better placement to sites with fresh content, but recently they’ve made an announcement to an important algorithm update designed to give significantly more weight to “fresh” website content. And they are pretty clear about which searches will rely heavily on fresh content: Recent events or hot topics, regularly recurring events and frequent updates. As the average website owner, that last category should get your attention!

By adding content to your blog, like you should be doing already, you are going to gain better placement with Google. In essence, you’re creating a bigger net with more content, which can catch more fish.

Also, with this new Google algorithm update, Google is saying that you need to keep your old content fresh, too. It used to be that they sort of liked old content with lots of links to it in the name of authority and age. That seems to have been changed — Google will now detect old Web pages more precisely, leading to fewer stale pages from your website being shown within search results. A good practice would be to ink to your best content when you add new content. Besides, that sort of internal linking always helps.

In a nutshell, it’s going to take more work to stay on top. It only makes sense. Ranking well won’t ever take less work, right? Contact the WebGoddess to find out how she can help.

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