Why I love WordPress!

The first step toward internet success is, of course, a great website. Your website must be attractive, easy to navigate, and interactive for users. At the same time, it needs to be easy for you to use on the back end, so that you can create new content, make quick changes, and interact with your clients without the headaches associated with most digital endeavors. Luckily, there is a somewhat magical solution to fit those needs – it’s called WordPress.

Why I Love WordPress

Effortless Hosting – WordPress CMS can be hosted on any Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP environment. The PHP powered scripting language requires MySQL as database and runs efficiently on Linux, Windows or Macintosh OS. It can be installed easily and doesn’t require huge amounts of technical knowledge or cost. Currently, all of my clients with WordPress websites pay an average of $57 a year for hosting. And that includes unlimited email addresses, space and bandwidth.

Plugins – In addition to all the basic features required in a website such as blog post, a page, comment and widgets, there are a vast variety of plugins which can meet any advanced or specialized need and are easily integrated. These plugins eliminate the burden of developing every component of a website. No need to reinvent the wheel!

User-Friendly Editors – There are many products and services that involve a long learning curve for the users, but the WordPress platform is not one of them. The user-friendly content editor makes WordPress the most popular content management system in the world. It comes with a web-based WYSIWYG formatting toolbar which allows the webmaster to add and edit content to the website with ease. These editors are self-explanatory and can be used by anybody with basic computer skills.

Structural Stability – The structure of a website is very important and WordPress platform allows for a very stable structure. With unlimited number of pages and indexes under one domain, this strong structure also allows easy navigation throughout the website.

Accessibility and SEO Factor – WordPress is a highly search engine friendly platform. One can easily optimize a website (Page title, Meta data and description) to attract the search engine spiders and increase the traffic substantially. The Alt Tags are highly optimized to attract images based search to the website. One way to really increase your site’s favor with the SE’s is to convert your site to WordPress. WordPress is truly loved by the Search Engines. It is a great platform that Google, Yahoo, and Bing absolutely adore! I recently read an article that said something like 50+% of the top 1 million sites are built on WordPress. That should tell you something!

Security – For any web developer security of the website is of prime concern. A WordPress development platform delivers a highly secured website. There are also many security add-ons which can be installed into a WordPress website to shield it from external attacks such as hacking and Trojan attacks. These security add-ons are regularly updated to provide a wholesome protection. In fact, you can change your settings so the site is updated immediately whenever there is a new update available.

Communication — Another distinct advantage of WordPress is that it is easily customizable– from newsletters to smart phones. For example, there are plugins specifically created for the user to easily write and send newsletters, and to gather and manage the subscribers. There are also various tools available which allow the conventional WordPress website to be concurrently and optimally accessed by tablets, smartphones and other such devices.

While building a beautiful and highly functional website still takes a lot of time and know-how (which is why you should hire me to do it), the most fantastic thing about WordPress is how simple and intuitive it is to use as a website administrator when you want to create new content or edit posted content. With some initial guidance you can become your own webmaster, and a darn good one at that.


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