Domain Names, Hosting… Help!

Confused by the difference between domain name, a URL and a website? You are not alone! Many WunderWebs clients come to me not knowing a single thing about how all of this web stuff works. They just know that they want a website and find themselves befuddled by all the gobbledy gook surrounding the process of obtaining one. That’s what I’m here for.

A domain name

A domain name is the name of your web site. To find out if the name that you want isn’t already taken, do a search on Network Solutions. To register your domain name, type in the domain name that you want to see if it’s taken. If the name is already registered, keep trying different ideas to come up with a unique name for your web site, such as your name or company name.

Website hosting

Website hosting means that you need a place on the Internet for your site to live. It has to “live” somewhere and have an “address” so that people can visit you. There are many companies which offer affordable website hosting, but if you have your website designed by the WebGoddess, WunderWebs will host your site for free for the first year!

Both domain name registration and hosting are recurring fees to be paid in yearly increments. Still confused? I can do it all for you if you like. Whichever is easier.


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