What if I’m not in your area?

What if I’m not in your area? Can you design a sign for me?

Ah, the world wide web. It’s kind of like a cyber-world tour pass – we can go virtually anywhere, at anytime, with a good internet connection. If I’m not in your area – not a problem. Many of the websites in my portfolio were completed by working long-distance. During development you are able to see live progress and offer suggestions anytime. We can always discuss the project over the phone or by email. There are absolutely no limitations working this way.

If you happen to be in my corners of the world (Royal Oak, Mi and Manassas, VA) we can always meet in person if you prefer. Not a problem either — just make an appointment so I can be sure to clean up the office a little!

First of all, you really should look over my design portfolio. Actually, you should do this even if you’re aren’t going to be a long distance client. So, if you haven’t done that already, get on it! Then I suggest take some time to and read over the testimonials from my insanely happy [some long-distance] clients. You can contact any one of the clients that are listed in my portfolio for more information.

The bottom line — doesn’t matter where you live. I’ve worked with clients all over the world, including China. The fundamental principles of good project management remain the same, whether you’re local or international – trust & communication. If we can gain each others trust, and if we communicate effectively with one another, then your project will run smoothly.


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