Walk for Farm Animals

Note: This fundraising event is over. Thanks to all who made donations!

Most people don’t realize that there are no federal laws protecting farm animals from cruelty while they are housed on a farm or during transport to slaughter. There are limited protections for cows and pigs at slaughter that are inconsistently enforced and no protections for chickens or turkeys. Factory farms—which raise and slaughter billions of farm animals each year—view animals as cheap commodities rather than as individuals with their own needs and feelings. The cruelty inflicted by factory farms on these helpless animals is unconscionably brutal and would be considered a felony if cats or dogs were the victims. The donations raised help educate the public about these egregious abuses and support legislation to end them.

About Farm Sanctuary

Farm Sanctuary was founded in 1986 to combat the abuses of factory farming and to encourage a new awareness and understanding about farm animals. Through the years, we have rescued thousands of animals, and educated millions of people about their plight. At Farm Sanctuary, these animals are our friends, not our food. Farm Sanctuary remains solidly committed to our mission to end cruelty to farm animals and promote compassionate living through rescue, education and advocacy efforts.

About Sarah

One of my goals is to become a veterinarian (currently studying Zoology with the pre-vet option at Oregon State University) so that I can help animals all over the world. A goal of mine is to open a farm sanctuary to help rescued animals in need. I am very passionate about this planet and the creatures that live among it. I have decided to dedicate my life in helping animals and educating as many people as I can and helping people become more aware of the cruelty that farm animals experience everyday.

I am also very motivated, determined, and dedicated in helping people choose a healthier lifestyle. Nutrition is very important to me and seeing love ones, friends, and family members dying of diseases has motivated me to speak up and help people realize that the vegan lifestyle will not only benefit them, it will benefit our planet and the creatures that help our ecosystem survive.

Due to my recent awareness about animal rights issues, and the way I was eating, and how it was effecting our environment, I chose a vegan lifestyle that has made my list of health issues disappear. I have made the decision that I will no longer eat animal products, or use anything that are made with animal products ever again. I feel good about contributing to the future, living sustainably, and helping put a stop to diseases, and animal cruelty.

I really do believe that we can all come together and help our planet survive for many years to come without cruelty. By making a small change within yourself, reaching out to other people and educating, we can make this world a better place.

Please help support me and my passion for helping the fight against animal suffrage by making a small donation today. No amount is too small;everything counts! Please help spread the word and lets unite to end the war on animals and our planet!

And remember…all donations are tax deductible..



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