7 ways to make Google happy

google popularity1 WordPress! I can’t stress this enough. If you aren’t using WordPress on your site, you are missing out on the single best way to market your website. And WordPress isn’t just for blogs any more. Today, more and more websites are being designed on a WordPress platform and for good reason. WordPress is super SEO and search engine friendly and saves you money in reduced maintenance costs because you can do most updates yourself. Why I love WordPress

2 Create a blog on your website: If your basic website functions as a standard website and not a blog, then be sure to add a blog as a part of the website. Why? Because the content of most websites is static, never or seldom changing. A blog gives you the opportunity to keep your website content fresh and the ability to connect with others. All key elements in search engine placement.

3 Keep the blog updated. Daily is best, weekly at a minimum. This is probably the single, best thing you can do to optimize your search engine visibility. Google bots continually visit your website; if your content is old and stale, you will lose page ranking placement. Keeping your blog current helps to show Google your website is fresh and current. What to post? Industry news, photos, notes from clients, fun or informative videos, helpful tips pertaining to your subject matter, opinions and editorials, off topic rants and raves. Quote a small excerpt from another related website and then link to it. There really is no limit, nor are there any rules. Keep your website fresh!

4 Comments are SEO gold! The more comments your blog gets, the higher it ranks on Google. The higher the blog ranks, the higher the website ranks. Simply put — Google rewards popular sites with good placement. Encourage all your friends and clients to comment on your blog.

5 Comment on other blogs. This is, after all, the internet. And the internet is a fabulous way to interconnect with others. Google likes that and rewards all that inter-connectivity with good placement. Just remember to make your comment sincere and interesting … and ALWAYS, ALWAYS link back to your own site. Example: The other day I made a short, polite comment on an unrelated site because I found her post that day to be quite delightful. From my tracker I could see that I had over 250 visits to my site just from that one simple comment. It works!

6 Create a buzz: While it is not easy to do, creating a buzz online is very important to good search visibility these days. The goal is to get other sites to blog about your site. Start by commenting on other blogs and sites related to your content/industry/hobby. Then mention those other sites on your blog. Clip a short piece from a blog and post it on yours with your own feedback. It’s called networking. It works in the corporate environment and it will work in blogging.

7 Create a contest! This a sure-fire way to draw a ton of people to your site and provide you with numerous comments. Select something related to your business to give away. Something with a value of $100 is a good place to start; just make sure its something others will want. Post the contest info in the blog. Have a deadline. The rules should state that to enter the contest they will need to comment on your blog about why they love your site/product/company and also “Like” your Facebook page. This is going to generate a ton of traffic. Then when the contest is over, post all about the winner and have them post photos of themselves on the blog. Just make sure you advertise the heck out of this contest online. Here’s an example: http://thriftydecorchick.blogspot.com/2012/06/giveaway-weekend.html While you’re there take a look around. Nobody does a blog better than Sarah at Thrifty Decor Chick. Fun, functional and fabulous!

What’s that you say? This seems like a ton of work. Well, yeah. Of course it does. In any endeavor, it always takes more work to succeed and to stay on top. But with the greater effort comes the greater rewards. Don’t have time to do this yourself? Hire a free intern, or pay a friend. Much cheaper than what SEO companies charge and you’ll actually see some real results.

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