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Just wanted to sing the praises about a great new app, great new book, and a great new company! “All Fixed Up” is an Interactive Storybook for iPad, brought to you by Red Piggy Press and is the brain child of founders Shelly Bowen and Tracy Hopcus Jordana. This interactive children’s book app for iPad, illustrated by the award-winning artist Sara Jane Franklin, is for kids whose parents travel a lot for work. It’s about waiting for their return, when the waiting feels like forever. It’s about understanding that mom or dad is waiting to come home, too. You can read more about this delightful new app here: http://redpiggypress.com/allfixedup/

But now is your opportunity to get one of the original hardcover books! They only have a few signed copies left, so don’t delay. All purchases made by 10am, Thurs, Jan 31 will come with a free All Fixed Up app code for iPad! Makes for a great Valentines Day gift for that special child in your life.

Get yours here: http://redpiggypress.com/all-fixed-up-book/

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