EAA 186 Young Eagles

EAA 186 Young Eagles

EAA Chapter 186 today announced the launch of its new Young Eagles website, eaa186youngeagles.org, featuring the design work of chapter member, Sandra Miller-Long, owner of Wunderwebs.com (AKA, the WebGoddess.) When it came to designing the website, the desire was for something fun and engaging for all audiences, but still functional and informative. The WebGoddess accomplished this by building the site on a WordPress platform and then custom coded it to the hilt.

One visit to the Young Eagles website and you can easily see that it flies above the pack in style and with a sense of whimsy. Yet, while the website design is fun, it doesn’t let anything get in the way of a structured and functional layout. It’s design is unique in the way the homepage operates, loading all of the content seamlessly using a scripting language called AJAX. This means that no matter how many pages there are in the slider, the load speed is lightning fast as each page is only loaded when it is displayed (without a page refresh). There are also some fun parallax scrolling effects in the clouds, giving the design a great sense of movement.

The EAA 186 Young Eagles website is also very easy to navigate from topic to topic. Not only does the site provide information about the Young Eagles and Youth Aviation Adventure programs, but also the ability to view photos from recent Young Eagle events, watch videos, read bios about the YE crew and pilots, and helps visitors gain an inside look at EAA Chapter 186, its youth-focused programs, and all the EAA has to offer.

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  • Professional website package with blog
  • Design and Development
  • CMS Platform with Admin Panel
  • Home page Ajax slideshow
  • Image galleries
  • Parallax scrolling
  • Embedded video files
  • Event calendar
  • PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ajax
  • Visit the website.

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