Blanca’s Cleaning Services

Blanca’s Cleaning Services

When Blanca Contreras wanted a website to promote her home and business cleaning services she knew right where to go. The ideal solution was a $99 DIY website package from WunderWebs. The WebGoddess set her up with a WordPress platform for the website and helped her obtain the domain name. The WunderWebs DIY website also came with free technical support for one year and free hosting. Can’t beat that! All Blanca had to do was find a free WordPress theme she liked and a few enhancements by the WebGoddess and her site was designed, functional and ready to go!

Blanca’s new DIY website Blanca’s Cleaning Services reflects her feelings about her work — It’s a clean, crisp design and easy to navigate!

A proud mother of two boys — Frank, a student at NYU, and Edward attending Osbourn Park HS — I believe there is nothing better than to come home to a sparkling home and I get tremendous satisfaction in transforming a home or business so that it shines.” — Blanca

  • DIY website package
  • CMS Platform with Admin Panel
  • Free WordPress theme
  • Hosted by WunderWebs
  • Visit the website.


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