Is your site mobile?

Is your site mobile?

A well-designed website can fall short if it doesn’t have the right functionality behind it. Websites are no longer limited to computers and if your website isn’t mobile friendly, folks won’t be finding you. Mobile phone, tablets and other hand-held devices have quickly become some of the most common ways that we browse the internet; it is important to ensure that your website is viewable for the ever-increasing amount of mobile visitors. About 20% of all web traffic originates from mobile devices (phones and tablets). And the number will only grow.

However, because mobile users demand different features, simplicity and ease of use, a mobile site shouldn’t be a exact replicas of the full version. I create a version of my clients website specifically for those devices with added scalability, more portability, and enhanced accessibility.

The site I design is usually fully responsive, meaning that it will adapt to various screen sizes in order to display your content in the most readable manner. When viewed on a mobile phone or tablet, the user will no longer need to zoom and scroll around to read the text on the page, making the mobile visitor’s browsing experience much more intuitive. Whether they visit the website on a mobile phone or tablet, or just re-size the browser window, they will see the design adapt to display the content in the most intuitive manner for that size screen.


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