Meet the WebGoddess

In fall of 1994, Sandra Miller-Long was hired to design and develop websites for WunderWebs as the WebGoddess. She has yet to be fired. Over the course of the past 20 years, Sandra has designed 100s of websites, blogs, intranets, e-stores, logos and other custom graphics. You could say she is somewhat of an old pro in this relatively new industry.

What can the WebGoddess do for you?

As a small business owner herself, the WebGoddess appreciates the needs small companies have when developing their business online. Whether you have a traditional business that is looking to expand to the web, a small business that hasn’t yet seen the results you had hoped for online, or a home based business just getting started, her focus is on finding specific solutions to your online challenges. She has the technical aptitude to create solid code, the design sensibilities to know what looks and works well, and the drive to consistently strive for a good balance of both.

In addition to strong website design abilities, Sandra has over twenty years experience writing within the engineering and information technology industry. She has taught technical and promotional writing as well as website design and continues to mentor other designers and writers.

She does not look like her photograph.

Hi. My name is Sandra and I am the real life person behind this website.

So who is this real life person? Visually, I suppose I appear harmless enough with a misleadingly pleasant Meryl Streep quality, but I’ve got an inner Wolverine especially when it comes to narrow-minded people. I am oftentimes unspeakably headstrong, willful, intelligent and opinionated, but always fair-minded and I suffer fools gladly. I also take 100% responsibility for my actions and intentions, refuse the role of victim, and laugh at myself more often than I should admit. I’m not in favor of the Standard American Diet or the death penalty; I love a good joke, am terrible at mysteries, and still type very slowly. Incensed about sexual intolerance, I couldn’t care less if someone wants to marry a turkey or a Chick-let™.

Besides web design, what other activities do I like?

In my spare time, I enjoy water polo, black tie galas, and own a winery in northern Italy. OK, no not really, but I do drive a fabulous Smart ForTwo Cabriolet named CARTOON.

My list of “likes?” Stephen King on a stormy day, martinis (made from only New Amsterdam gin), Old English Sheepdogs, and my Lancair 360 (N107SD). Current addictions include genealogy, spicy Indian food, karaoke, bad puns, and mahjong.

I also still love the process of developing web sites, I truly do. That’s why I started WunderWebs in October of 1994. I’m a perfectionist, don’t sleep much, and have great support systems in my life. Happily married to the love of my life for over 25 years (who also happens to be a very skilled pilot), we travel quite often in our gorgeous Lancair to spend time with our five kids and seven grand-kids. My life is complete.

What are my pet peeves?

Cottage cheese and Internet Explorer.

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