The Website Design Process made simple

The Website Design Process made simple

From the Consultation Phase to the Formal Launch, the website design process is rather a simple one with five basic steps. The information tabs below describe those steps and should will give you a pretty good idea what is involved in creating a quality website.

chat_64px1. Consultation Phase: We’ll discuss the goals you want to achieve for your website and the input that you are willing to provide. I’ll also share my expertise and provide advice as needed. We can set up some phone time and/or conduct email consultations to go over these ideas and goal. You’re welcome to send me any follow-up thoughts or ideas we might not have covered on the phone consultations. At this stage I’ll also provide you with the cost estimate.

tools_64px2. Design Phase: Once the proposal/estimate is accepted and your initial deposit is received, I’ll take your ideas, my ideas, and with your ultimate site needs and goals in mind, apply my skills and talents to deliver a preliminary web design. And while I do pride myself on delivering a great product, one has to assume even Rembrandt had an eraser. So at this stage, revisions are included until the design is as you like it, per the terms outlined in the website proposal. At this time I will place the site being developed in maintenance mode and when the homepage is ready, I’ll open it up only for you with specific username and password. While I am available for phone calls during this phase, it is preferable that most correspondence regarding your project, including assets like images, copy and such, are managed via email.

gears_64px3. Implementation Phase: Once the design is approved and the next part of your deposit is received, the design is whisked off to the Implementation phase, where it will be made into a functioning website. Design and structural changes at this point are often well out of scope and can be costly, so please keep that in mind if you tend to be indecisive. During the website development I will send you frequent update reports about the development progress. At this time I strongly encourage you to get acquainted with the WordPress admin panel.

document_64px4. Final Review Stage: Once the website is fully ready we get to the Final Review stage. At this point we double and triple-check that everything is working properly I will have an opportunity to do last-minute browser testing, fine-tuning and catch any bugs before it goes live in a grand-opening sort of way. This is also when I finalize the SEO functionality for the site. I will collect final payment at this stage as well. Migration to a hosting company will take place if required.

devices_64px5. Formal Launch: Lo and behold, your website/blog is officially online, blogging, marketing, monetizing, and blinding everyone on the internet with its awesomeness. And since I’ve built your site using a content management system platform, WordPress will make it easy n’ breezy for you to manage your website from any computer, anywhere. For most packages, I do provide WordPress instruction over the phone or in person (if you are in my area) on how to manage your website. (You’re always welcome to email with any questions as well!) Also, I highly recommend that you have previously submitted a Press Release to me which I will then submit to various news-wire agencies on the internet.


The Design Process

design processAt WunderWebs, the design process is what happens from the time you sign your engagement agreement and send the Webgoddess your deposit until your site is launched and live on the internet.

1. LISTEN (Consultation phase): The WebGoddess will set up some phone time so she can go over your ideas and goals for your website as well as provide email consultation or recommendations where requested and/or needed. You’re welcome to send her any follow-up thoughts or ideas you might not have covered on the phone consultations. (more…)

Website Content Checklist

Any Printed Material (brochures, flyers, catalogs etc.)
Existing business cards
Biographies of Principals and Management
Company Colors
Company History
Company Logo
Company Name (Legal)
Company Photos in high resolution
Company Slogan or tagline
Company Phone Number
Company Fax Number
Company Address
Other contact information
Business hours of operation (store hours / when phones will be answered, if relevant)
Colors preferred and to be avoided
Competing Websites or Similar Websites
List of Favorite Websites to help determine style and layout of website
List the main pages you need in the website
Frequently Asked Questions for your business
Mission Statement
Privacy Policy
Products or Services
Product Taxonomy
Shipping / Return Policies
Terms of Use
What other domain names do you own?