AJ Shapemakers Launches New Website

Alex & Jane Shapemakers Launches New Fashionable, Educational Children’s Clothing Line and Website

Alex & Jane, also known as Alex & Jane Shapemakers, launches its new official website, www.ajshapemakers.com, where Alex & Jane children’s clothing can be purchased online in addition to being available in retail stores.

Birmingham, MI, April 19, 2012 –(PR.com)– Alex & Jane is clearly not just another kid’s clothing line and adds a new twist to children’s clothing. Children helped select designs and shapes that were found to be of particular interest to kids. Additionally, the company utilizes inspirational and empowering sayings on products, helping set it apart from your typical children’s clothing company. The sayings were developed by the expertise of licensed psychologist Marcie Weitzman Zoref, Psy.D, as well as by other team members. By combining shapes and empowering sayings, the product is educational, enlightening and a framework for stimulating conversation.

Alex & Jane carries children’s clothing sizing from Newborn thru 10-12, including onesies, infant tees, toddler tees, youth tees and tanks. The line is expanding rapidly, so look out for new products. Alex & Jane clothing is tag less and 100% cotton, making them super appealing for little ones. Cool, shape-related novelty toys are also available. The prices are reasonable and the Alex & Jane company has a green footprint, helping make Alex & Jane a competitive children’s clothing line in 2012.

For more information about Alex & Jane, please visit www.ajshapemakers.com or email ajshapemakers-llc@yahoo.com.

The Alex & Jane website and e-store was designed and developed by Wunderwebs.com. Alex and Jane was developed in 2011 and is based out of Oakland County, Michigan.

Ragmeister Ragdolls Launches New Website

Ragmeister Ragdolls Launches New Website After 15 Years
San Diego, CA, November 2, 2011 – Ragmeister Ragdolls of Southern California has moved into the 21st Century with the release of their new website Ragdoll.org.


PRLog (Press Release) – Nov 02, 2011 –
After 15 years of the same old web site, Ragmeister Ragdolls of Southern California has finally released a sparkling new web site.

Ragmeister Ragdolls has been breeding purebred Ragdoll kittens for 21 years. “The difference between a Ragmeister Ragdoll kitten and all the others is the attention to personality that Gary Strobel has been developing for more than two decades. His kittens are offered with a 3 year health guarantee and their first shots. Integrity and honesty are hallmarks when dealing with Ragmeister Ragdolls.

When it came to designing a new website, the desire was for something warm and engaging for all audiences, but still functional and informative. Sandra Miller-Long, the WebGoddess from http://www.WunderWebs.com, accomplished this with the primary use of textures in a muted blue-seal scale allowing the irresistible Ragdoll images to take center stage.

For this project, the WebGoddess utilized a WordPress platform and custom coded it to the hilt. She provided not only basic website information, but the ability to view kittens ready for adoption, watch Ragdoll videos provided by happy clients, read Ragmeister testimonials and reviews, and gain an inside look at the Ragdoll Breed– fabulous cats with incredible personalities.

About Us
http://www.Ragdoll.org specializes in healthy, sweet, large Ragdoll kittens. Ragmeister Ragdolls of Southern California has been around longer than most Ragdoll breeders. A free book “The Guide to Owning a Ragdoll Cat”, written by Gary, comes with each kitten and they are always available for support and questions. Numerous customers return for their second or even third Ragdoll after experiencing the difference in a Ragmeister kitten.

# # #

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Magnolia Etiquette Launches New Website

Magnolia School of Etiquette Launches New Website

The Magnolia School of Etiquette offers etiquette enrichment classes with emphasis on social graces, dining formality and old fashioned manners for modern times to primary and secondary schools, charter and magna schools, colleges, community centers, various groups and private individuals.

San Diego, CA, July 17, 2010 –(PR.com)– Civility and manners are as important today as they ever were and we are often judged by something as simple as how we hold our fork to the strength of our handshake. Many families struggle to find time at the dinner table with the entire family – the place where most dining etiquette would be discussed or taught.

In today’s fast-paced, high-tech and increasingly busy lifestyle…manners…or worse yet, the lack thereof, are becoming a lost art. With families on the run to meetings, sports events, school affairs, office and travel…children and young adults are learning very little when it comes to simple and basic social graces and dining etiquette.

We are living in the “techno-age” using cell phones inappropriately and brandishing hurtful emails with a click of the “Send” button. We vigorously text the entire time someone is having a conversation with us…distantly nodding with monosyllabic replies as though we are a thousand miles away.

The Magnolia School of Etiquette is committed to teaching the art of southern-style manners and the development of comportment that exudes kindness, grace, and generosity of spirit to adolescents and adults. The South is world-famous for their gracious and proper manners. At The Magnolia School of Etiquette, we are delighted to teach the standard rules of social, dining, and business etiquette, combined with the gentle and unpretentious hospitality of the Deep South.

Participants will gain confidence and an improved sense of self-esteem through our interactive and informative classes using role-play, multi-media, workbooks, and props.

The Magnolia School of Etiquette was founded by Jonnie Fox Flanagan. Jonnie was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana where she enjoyed exquisite dining at famous and fabulous restaurants such as Brennans, Arnauds, Commander’s Palace, Emeril’s and the original “Ruth’s” Chris Steak House during her 35 years in the South.

Before moving to San Diego, CA. Her professional background included advertising and media relations for NBC affiliate WDSU-TV, Clear Channel radio affiliate WQUE-FM, CitiBusiness Business Journal and serving as Corporate Sales Manager for the New Orleans Saenger Performing Arts Theatre. She was also employed as Executive Assistant to Vice President of Business Operations for the NBA franchise, New Orleans Jazz.

In these highly publicized employment opportunities, Jonnie was inspired by the traditional Southern hospitality, social graces and art of fine dining that permeates the uniquely historic and festive “City of New Orleans”.

With comprehensive training and tutelage under Sue Fox, Founder of Etiquette Survival, author, and one of the leading etiquette education experts in the country, Jonnie founded The Magnolia School of Etiquette.

They offer etiquette enrichment classes with emphasis on social graces, dining formality and old fashioned southern manners, to K-12 schools, community centers, various groups and private individuals.
The MagnoliaEtiquette.com website was designed and developed by the WebGoddess at WunderWebs.

Official Website for Woo and Friends Karaoke

WunderWebs Announced Today the Launch of the Official Website for Woo and Friends Karaoke

La Jolla, San Diego, CA (Press Release) November 18, 2008 –Today marks the debut of the official website, WooKaraoke.com, for Woo and Friends Karaoke at the Sheraton La Jolla, featuring the incomparable Gerrie Woo, former Playboy Bunny, as host of one of the most exciting and longest running karaoke shows in San Diego. Woo , who has entertained millions around the world with her singing and dancing, brings her finely tuned sense of professionalism to the karaoke stage.

Gerrie Woo got her start in show business as a Las Vegas show girl in Marshall Edson’s review, Holiday in the Orient, Woo (as she prefers to be called) was selected from many hopefuls to open the Hollywood Playboy Club as one of the original Playboy Bunnies. Following her time with the Hollywood Playboy Club, Woo was offered an opportunity to pursue a singing career with popular entertainer “Mr. Bongo,” Jack Costanzo. Jack, who at one time performed with the likes of Stan Kenton, Judy Garland and Nat King Cole, introduced the conga drum to jazz and rock music. With her combination of talent and verve, it was apparent right from the start that Woo was the perfect addition to the Costanzo group.

While on tour at the El San Juan in Puerto Rico, Tico label signed Woo to do an album with Jack Costanzo called Latin Percussion with Soul. Other albums followed, notably their most popular album, Viva Tirado on the Crescendo Label. The group went on to entertain the American GIs at USO shows in Vietnam, the Philippines and Bangkok. For over 25 years, Costanzo and Woo continued to entertain around the world in their unique and dynamic style with a mixture of Latin music, R&B, jazz, rock and classic ballads. Later on Woo fronted other groups such as Pitch and Woo and Woo’s Folly, but [read more here]

WunderWebs website redesign

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Royal Oak, MI WunderWebs today announced the launch of its newly redesigned website, www.wunderwebs.com, featuring the design work of Sandra Miller-Long, “The WebGoddess.” WunderWebs.com is a website and blog design studio that focuses exclusively on providing eye-catching, low-cost, high-quality websites for small businesses.

Sandra, owner of WunderWebs, “Many small businesses cannot afford to invest thousands of dollars in a professional website presence, yet it’s critical to their business to use the Internet and to have a website that reflects the professionalism of their company. WunderWebs offers these businesses an opportunity to have a professional website at a price they can easily afford.”

What differentiates WunderWebs from other web design companies? First, it is a top-quality service that provides complete custom designed website packages –including domain name and hosting– for a very affordable price. Second, the Royal Oak company is also unique in its personal touch. Nothing is mass- produced. The concept is something like having is your personal jewelry hand-crafted by an artisan who understands your vision.

The new WunderWebs site emphasizes slider navigation, tailored content, and enhanced graphics. It downloads quickly, and it is very easy to read and to navigate from topic to topic.

Sandra has added “We live in a world of change. New technology is released on a regular basis. Business websites need to be able to respond timely to the changing needs of their customers as well to technological advancements. My website designs offer my clients a blog interface–an ideal opportunity for businesses to update information to their site as needed. This helps keeps website maintenance costs to a minimum.”

About WunderWebs

http://wunderwebs.com specializes in all areas of website design, ecommerce and search engine marketing. The company is based in Royal Oak, Michigan.

For more details about the WunderWebs website and blog design studio please visit http://wunderwebs.com or contact The WebGoddess by email: webgoddess@wunderwebs.com