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BardicVoice Studio has a new website! WunderWebs is pleased to announce the launch of a new website featuring Mary Dominiak’s work as a voice actor and audio production services provider. Mary is an excellent and versatile voice talent who distinguishes herself as an audio book narrator and subject matter expert for all technical narrations. BardicVoice Studio delivers a variety of audio needs, both non-broadcast and local broadcast-quality, audio books and e-learning projects. Mary’s voice has also served as a vocal ambassador for the Smithsonian’s Accessibility Program.

Audio samples of Mary’s voice are just a click away when you visit BardicVoice Studio demo page:

See also Mary Dominiak’s profile:

The site also features Mary’s popular blog:

BardicVoice Studio

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Visit the website.

Sandra of WunderWebs did a brilliant job designing my voiceover business site: it’s clean, functional, attractive, and totally in line with my desires. I had no art background going into this, but I had definite ideas about tone, ease of use, and overall impression, and Sandra’s design captured my intent perfectly right from our first consultation. My site was up and running in record time with only minor tweaks to refine its look and performance. WunderWebs is a wonder! Mary Dominiak

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