Grind Legal

grindlegalWorking with rapper and recording artist Charles Thomas (Laid Diamond) was nothing short of exhilarating! He came to WunderWebs with an idea for a website where independent artists and music lovers could come together as a collaborative force, giving themselves a greater opportunity for their music to be heard. The desire was for something dynamic and engaging for all audiences, but still functional and informative. The WebGoddess transformed his vision into a metallic and gritty, yet sleek and sophisticated, online music store. She accomplished this with the primary use of textures in a gray scale, allowing the album graphics to take center stage.

Charles also wanted the site to have a MP3 player to encourage sampling of original music and mix-tapes, as well the ability for immediate downloads at time of purchase. The size and complexity of the site, as it runs an online store, ‘static’ website, and a fully-functional membership forum, required that the WebGoddess incorporate a powerful e-commerce plugin for WordPress. This plugin was styled to match the site, along with multiple additional plugins and custom widgets to achieve the functionality and look desired. There was a lot of custom programming for this site and technically it was a project that challenged her skill-set, but the result was well worth it.

Professional website package with blog
Design and Development
CMS Platform with Admin Panel
Featured slideshow
Embedded, downloadable music files
Embedded video files
Embedded Google Forms
Ecommerce store with shopping cart
PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript

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