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Karaoke Guy

When you want the very best karaoke show in town, book an On-Stage Tonight show featuring Johnny Stewart! Johnny offers a reliable, affordable and professional solution to the entertainment needs of any event– including restaurants, clubs, bars, private homes, corporate events, weddings and parties.

But don’t be expecting the traditional karaoke show-–Johnny is a musician with a lifetime of experience and has the knowledge and the equipment needed to deliver the highest quality karaoke show possible with a reputation for bringing the fun to your party!

Johnny Stewart has over thirty-five years of experience in the entertainment industry as a lead singer and musician. For many of those years in bands, he toured the country with groups such as: The Prophets, Changes, Stewart and Franklin, The Johnny Stewart Show and The Tall Tree-O. Some of instruments he plays include: guitar, trumpet, bass, saxophone, banjo, keyboard, and trombone.

In the 1970′s, Johnny operated his own recording studio where he managed and recorded other musicians and groups. He also recorded two albums of his own: Stewart And Franklin Live and The Johnny Stewart Show Live from the Disneyland Hotel. In addition, Johnny has recorded with well-know artists such as Frosty from Rare Earth, Lee Michaels and Bill Champlin of Chicago and Sons of Champlin.

For many years Johnny published San Diego Scene magazine, a popular music/karaoke magazine in south California. As a DJ and karaoke host, he has celebrated many long running shows including one record-breaking show –- the San Diego Four Points Sheraton Hotel for ten years.

As the owner of Karaoke Guy, a karaoke party rental company, Johnny keeps busy these days running professional karaoke shows in the greater Los Angeles area. He also designs sound reinforcement systems for touring bands and karaoke companies.

See the Booking section of his WunderWebs designed website to book a show hosted by Johnny Stewart’s On-Stage Tonight!

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