AviationED recently hired WunderWebs to redesign their website and re-launched to wide acclaim! The new website now clearly describes all of the features the aviation education organization offers, is extremely easy to navigate, and contains a student learning interface.

About AviationEd
AviationEd is an organization of aviation and educational professionals committed to inspiring the next generation to pursue higher education and aviation careers. The organization accomplishes its mission with school enrichment, after school, and summer programs in addition to providing financial awards.

Co-Founded by James Sulton, III, Ed.D, the mission of AviationEd is to provide access and exposure to STEM education and careers through aviation programs, mentoring, and financial awards. In addition to their many local aviation educational programs, AviationEd offers a scholarship competition for at-risk students across the nation. Scholarship winners receive airfare, room and board, and tuition to attend a week-long summer camp at Sulton’s alma mater, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. Scholarship funding comes from a variety of individual and organizational donations.

A college readiness program is also in development that will provide participants with tutoring, mentorship, and exposure to career fields that are centered on aviation and aerospace. Other long-term goals include helping students select the right courses so they stay on track for entering the field and offering support for families and guidance counselors.


  • Professional website package with blog
  • Design and Development
  • CMS Platform with Admin Panel
  • Featured slideshow
  • Embedded, downloadable PDF files
  • Embedded video files
  • Embedded Google Forms
  • Student Learning Portal
  • PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Visit the website.

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